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Quick Specs 

  •  Durable and heavy-duty steel construction 
  •  Leak-resistant design
  •  Built with handles, making it easy to transport
  • 37.00 lbs weight


This heavy-duty, all-steel Pull Apart Rope Can was created specifically for soaking Pull Apart Rope in kerosene or diesel. It’s designed to be leak-resistant and reusable, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about risky leaks when soaking pull-apart rope for rail heating applications. This product also has handles, making it easier to transport the can and rope during daily maintenance operations.

Safety is a chief concern among rail maintenance workers and using a dedicated rope heater can like this product from Industry-Railway Suppliers helps ensure that there are no potentially dangerous fuel leaks while soaking you rail-heating rope. This product allows for the rope rail-heating method to be a viable alternative to Firesnake, reducing overall costs while maintaining rail in cold weather. 

Thanks to its size and heavy-duty design, this pull apart rope can saves time making it easy to safely pre-soak rope and prepare for jobs involving the use of a large amount of pull apart rope. Shop for all your railroad tool solutions with Industry-Railway Suppliers today.

Pull Apart Rope Can

SKU: RA-020
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