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Instruct all road-users not to drive upon the rail tracks nearby.


  • Ensure tracks are not driven on by motor vehicles
  • The Do Not Drive On Tracks (R15-6a) sign is used where there are adjacent traffic lanes separated from the LRT lane by a curb or pavement markings
  • Stay in compliance with MUTCD Section 8B.15
  • Post traffic signs to safely direct and regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in and around parking areas, dock areas, and roadways
  • Use signs as specified by the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), which contains the national standards
  • MUTCD identifies that traffic signs and pavement markings on all roads open to public traffic are to be High-Intensity Prismatic

MUTCD Compliant: Do Not Stop On Tracks- Reflective Aluminum

SKU: SN-011
  • Part# X-R8-8
    SPN# DW85
    Color Black
    Shape Vertical
  • Material Features

    • Signs are retroreflective. The DOT mandates that parking lots accessible to the public (which includes most lots) use reflective signs. 

    • Carries 3M's warranty for traffic signs. 

    • Signs are printed with 3M screen printing or 3M outdoor digital inks designed specifically for outdoor traffic and parking signs. Unlike competitive signs, these signs are proven to last outside and use 3M matching ink and film components throughout. Signs are laminated for extra durability. 

    • Municipal-grade signs are used by agencies, governments and schools across the US. Sheeting meets DOT specifications for Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects FP-85 for Sheeting Type II, Class 1 or 2. 

    • Signs use 80 mil thick aluminum with rounded corners (for easy handling and a professional appearance) and pre-punched/pre-cleared holes (for hassle-free installation).

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