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For use on rail size 85-141 lbs./yd.


Uses the cushioning capacity of the tie and a wheel-bump feature to lift the wheel slightly off the rail to absorb momentum. Recommended for spur tracks where more protection is needed than a conventional car stop can provide. Do not install on grades. Use bumping post inside buildings.


For Exposed Rail Track
If you have flush rail (rails encased in pavement), contact us before ordering.

1-3 cars. More frequently used side track.

Weight 175 lbs.

Cushioned Railroad Car Stop

SKU: TE-019
  • Read all warnings and cautions on product and in this guide before installation. If you have questions regarding this product, contact ALDON Company,Inc.

    • Rail For use with typical North American freight t-rail sections. For use on rail size 85-141 lbs./yd. Consult ALDON Company, Inc. before using this stop on any other type of rail. Rails must be #1 relay grade or better.
    • Ties Rails must be fully-spiked to sound wooden ties.
      Ties must be well-tamped and perpendicular to the rails, so that stops will be exactly aligned with each other. Do not install on tracks supported by concrete, steel, or resin ties.
    • For flat track only. Do not use on descending grades.
    • Location Leave 3 to 4 ties length of rail behind the car stops for added strength. Do not install these stops at the very end of any siding.
    • Stops are to be used in pairs. Never attempt to use this product with only one stop in place or in conjunction with a different type or manufacturer of stop.
    • For use with standard size freight cars only. For 1-3 cars. For longer consists use a bumping post.
    • Coast into stops. Do not strike stops under power.
    • Maintain a painted finished for good visibility and rust resistance.
    • Inspect stop and mounting clamp nuts for adequate tightness at intervals.
    • Replace if damaged or excessive wear is evident.
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