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No need to climb up on a ladder to apply railcar hand brake. User can tighten and release brakes, align car coupler knuckles, operate angle locks, and re-set end-of-train warning devices.

The safest tool on the market. At testing pulled 6,000 pounds with pin NOT locked in. 6061 T-6 treated aircraft aluminum with the head made of bronze manganese (non-sparking)


Can be purchased with or without magnetic handle. See below. 

Brake Sticks

SKU: RT-030
    • Helps to prevent serious bodily injury
    • Quicker, easier safer due to smaller size
    • Well balanced for easy handling
    • During texting pulled 6,000 pounds without having the pin set
    • Single push button release
    • Telescoping for easy use & storage
    • Light weight
    • Solid positive locking system
    • Brake stick opens and closes the retainer valve from a safe distance
    • Brake stick is repairable
    • Premium machined grip
    • Industrial pins and fasteners
    • Outer pipe protects inner pipe from damage
    • Non-sparking bronze manganese head for added durability and customer satisfaction!
    • Security screws added to trigger device to prevent tampering
    • Baseball bat end prevents possible slipping from hands when pulling
    • Aluminum end more durable than rubber
    • Latch system decreases the chances of snagging\bending and is much more durable
    • No bushings in holes
    • Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum (T6 6061)
    • Cast almag clamp body & bronze manganese tool head
    • Small head made of 865 manganese bronze with a thickened edge – strong as steel, resistant to corrosion, impact, and abrasion. Fits better in brake wheel hand wells
    • The new head accommodates the ability to push angle cocks without slipping.
    • Improved trigger guard – damage to trigger now nearly impossible
    • Solid T-6 6061 internal extension
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