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  •  All metal construction
  •  Ergonomic, dual-handle design
  •  Delivers 100% of power supplied by air compressor
  •  120 PSI inlet pressure
  • 5.70 lbs. weight


With this all-metal, high-pressure Air Wand, you can leave brooms behind and clean up debris and snow from railroad tracks much quicker. This air-compressor powered wand can be used to blow snow and debris away from switches, frogs, and any other railroad components. This provides a faster, simpler, and less labor-intensive alternative to using a broom or brush.

This air wand is compatible with all air compressors and offers 120 PSI of inlet pressure. Its ergonomic and lightweight design uses two handles to provide added precision and control when blowing snow, leaves, loose track debris or ballast. The power to the air wand is controlled using a dead-man’s trigger.

If you are currently using hand brooms and brushes to clear debris from the track, frogs and switches, this high pressure air wand from Industry-Railway Suppliers will simplify your daily track maintenance operations.

Air Wand

SKU: RT-042
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