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 Size: 2.125" x 3.375"


It is difficult to memorize all the crane hand signals for any worker. This wallet card with visual representation of mobile and overhead crane hand signals is a quick and handy referral for workers. Card is printed on both the sides and is legible with colored pictograms.


  • Card is printed on both the sides with crane hand different signals.

2-Sided Safety Wallet Card: Mobile Crane Hand Signals & Overhead Hand Signals

SKU: 1
  • Material Features 

    • 32 mil thick, Safety Wallet Cards are constructed from a thermally laminated plastic that is extremely durable and tear-proof. 

    • Laminated plastic tags are weatherproof, chemical-resistant and durable enough to withstand dirt, grease, liquid-splashes, and repeated abuse or rough handling. 

    • Cards are digitally printed with rich colors, crisp lettering and bold graphics.

  • Part# BD-0406
    SPN# 0G67
    Colors Yellow, Orange and Black
    Shape Horizontal
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