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Aldon's permanent, highly visible and all-weather Track Clearance Marker tells switching crews how far they can shove a car without "fouling" converging tracks. Left uncorrected, a fouled track will cause a collision with a passing train.


  • Molded in a special, stable form of urethane
  • Bends if struck and springs back up again. No damage to passing trains
  • Bright yellow or flame orange glossy finish — easy to see at night and in snow
  • Low-profile — only 10" above tie
  • Withstands any temperature extreme, -50° to +140°
  • Can be bolted to tie in exposed rail or into concrete in flush rail


Screw spikes and washers included. Weight 5 lbs.

Track Clearance Marker - Exposed Rail

SKU: TE-015
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