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  •  55-gallon drum in concentrated form
  •  Combo liquid anti icer / deicer
  •  Non-slippery
  •  Lasts a significant amount of time, requiring fewer applications
  •  Eco-friendly / Go Green composition & chloride-free
  •  -76°F freezing point
  • 10 lbs per gallon
  •  Comes with dilution chart


If you live or operate your rail infrastructure in an area with cold winters, you should be prepared with an industrial railroad combination anti icer / deicer. RR Winterizer liquid will keep critical railroad components moving and free from ice to ensure routine railroad operations never stop.  It can be used as an anti-icing agent sprayed before snowfall to prevent places such as switches, icy platforms and crossings from freezing over, or can also be used as a deicer to melt ice.

This liquid, environmentally-friendly and Go Green anti icer / deicer is safe and non-toxic to all mammals, fish and waterways, and vegetation. RR Winterizer does not contain any harmful chloride that classic deicers contain and is non-corrosive to all materials.

It can be used as an ice-prevention step before snowfall, or to melt snow and ice that are already present. Common applications for this liquid combination deicer & anti icer include railway platforms and crossings, rail switches, flangeways, derails, locks, railcar running boards, hinges, frozen pipes, and many more. In addition, it is non-slippery unlike other major deicers, and can be used either on its own or diluted with water. Product comes with dilution chart.

    Winterizer Ice and Freeze Control - 55 Gallon

    SKU: MC-001
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