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For locomotives and freight cars. 
Wheel Diameter 26" - 48"


SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chocks are tough enough to block a tank car, but resilient enough that the car can be pulled over the chock by a locomotive without derailing. No more trying to yank free a steel chock that is stuck under a wheel. When it’s time to move, just pull the car over the chock and retrieve the chock later.


  • 4” high, ideal for chocking locomotives.
  • Available in exposed rail or flush rail version.
  • Handles are 24” long. When installed on flush rail, the handles are 1-1/2” above the pavement for easy grasping.
  • Wt: 9 lbs.




  • For use on flat track only. Do not use chocks on grades.
  • Set brake before installing chocks. Rail car or locomotive must be stopped and brakes applied before chocks can be placed.
  • Do not use chock if rail car or locomotive is lifted up at one end for inspection or repair.
  • Chock both ends of the rail car or locomotive.
  • Use on rails 90 to 155 lbs./yd.
  • For wheel diameters 26" - 48".
  • Do not use on oily or greasy rail as chock will slide.
  • When rail car is ready to be moved, you may pull car over chocks. They will return to their original shape.
  • Replace chocks if urethane is torn or cracked.

Spark-Proof Urethane Heavy-Duty Double Wheel Chock

SKU: TE-028
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