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Car control/communication and mu trainline (COMM) car control/communications and (MU) multiple unit locomotive control


Clements 27 Point jumpers and receptacle assemblies are 100% electrically tested for IR and hi-pot per APTA specifications.

Car control/communication trainlines are interconnected between the entire length of the car. Typical electrical signals include: door controls and indications, public address, brake applied/released indications. Multiple unit trainlines carry traction and dynamic brake commands and indications. Typical signals between equipment include: – Locomotives coupled together – Cab car and locomotive – Locomotives or power cars placed at opposite ends of the train. 

A full line of 27-point trainlines and accessories are available. Cadillac connectors have been designed for hostile environments and rugged use. Stay connected with Cadillac 27-point trainlines! 


Complete interchangeable and intermateable with other major brands.

27-Point Multipin- 27 Pole Black Tubular Hanger Included

SKU: RT-025
  • Design Benefits:

    • Manufactured to conform to AAR S-512 and
    APTA RP-E-019-99 specifications.
    • Qualified for use on all Amtrak equipment.
    • Self aligning silver plated copper socket contacts
    permit low mating forces, prevent excessive voltage drop
    and promote long contact life.
    • Interchangeable and intermateable with other
    major brands
    • Environmentally protected design with individual
    contact seal boots and outer “O” ring seal on front
    dielectric to connector body
    .• Unique “multi-contact” band design on pin contacts
    provides reliable electrical engagement and is field
    serviceable and replaceable without removing
    connector from train.
    • Available receptacle cover kits for field repair
    or replacement
    • Wired receptacle assemblies are available for
    any length or configuration
    • Durable powder paint coating offers a
    multitude of color options and provides
    superior long-term protection of hardware

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